Concordia Presidential Scholarship


This scholarship will be awarded to students on the basis of exceptional Academic performances and Extracurricular experience. It is an annual scholarship that is awarded to 2 students from the faculty. It not only accommodates the students in the classroom but extends into the research labs as well to help achieve remarkable progress and results. This scholarship will cover tuition and fees, books, and living costs based on Concordia’s residency rate. It is normally renewable for up to four years assuming the students meet all renewal requirements.


  • First time attending university.
  • Studying full-time in an undergraduate degree program.*
  • International student, paying full international student rate.
  • Starting studies at Concordia University in Fall 2021.

Process of Selection

If eligible, applicants must complete the application package and upload it to their MyConcordia student portal. The package must be a single PDF file comprised of the following:

  • The Student Application Form
  • A current curriculum vitae that outlines all their work, volunteer experience, accolades, cultural, and other accomplishments.
  • A Personal Statement – expressing their community leadership and commitment to bettering the global community, and explaining how receiving this scholarship will help in the pursuit of their studies and the fulfillment of their personal and academic aspirations.
  • Filename: LastName_FirstName_StudentID# (Example: Doe_John_12345678)

Applicants must also be nominated by an individual who can attest to their achievements and their character. Nominators should be someone who knows the applicant and their accomplishments well. Typically, the nominator should not be a personal friend or relative. This nominator must complete a nominator’s package and send it via email to The nominator’s package must include the following:

  • The Nomination Form
  • A confidential 1000-word limit personal statement that outlines why they believe the applicant is the best candidate for the Concordia Presidential Scholarship.
  • Email subject line: Presidential Scholarship Nomination StudentLastName_Student ID (Example: Presidential Scholarship Nomination Doe_12345678)
  • File name: StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_StudentID#_Nominator (Example:  Doe_John_12345678_Nominator)